Jackie Chan has spoken about Etta, his love child with Elaine Ng, for the first time recently.
As reported on LTN Entertainment, during an interview with the action superstar, who was in Hong Kong to promote his autobiography, “Jackie Chan: Never Grow Up, Only Grow Older”, a member of the media mentioned about the situation with Etta, who previously had her mum arrested for abuse.

When asked if he would leave a part of his inheritance to her, Jackie stated, “I don’t think she needs my inheritance.”

When mentioned that Etta is only a victim of his own past, Jackie agreed, saying, “Yes, she has been hurt. Don’t you think that I regretted it too? I have let both sides down.”
As to whether he will continue to disregard Etta as his own, Jackie replied, “There are things that should not be talked about. Let nature take its own course. If we were destined to meet, then so be it. I am an easygoing person.”
Back in 1999, Jackie had an affair with actress and former Miss Asia, Elaine Ng. Though she was later pregnant with Etta, the actor decided to seek his wife Joan Lin’s forgiveness and cut ties with his girlfriend and love child. 
(Photo source: asianpopnews.com)