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Southeast Asia’s largest music festival cruise, ‘It’s The Ship’ returns once again this year for another sail!

Organised by The Livescape Group, the four-day and three-night floating vacation cum music festival is set to take place from 20 to 23 November 2015 where it will depart from the Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore to tropical Langkawi for a beach party, and then back to Singapore shores.

Taking place aboard the Royal Caribbean International cruise liner “Mariner of the Seas”, the cruise is expected to draw in around 3,800 people where 60 percent of them are expected to come from outside of Singapore.

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Muhammad Iqbal, Group Chief Executive Officer of The Livescape Group said in a statement;

“One of the key talking points from the fans who attended last year’s festival was the fact that they not only got to see their favourite acts perform live but they also got to interact with the artistes in person over the five-day period. One key consideration we take when booking acts for IT’S THE SHIP is we tend to book acts that are more outgoing and sociable because we want them to interact with the fans not just through their music but through the other activities onboard the cruise as well, and because of the laidback, vacation-like atmosphere, it was very possible.”

In conjunction with the announcement, limited discounted early bird cabins will be offered exclusively to those who attended last year’s festival and the cost for the cabins are between USD412 – USD1,812. Invitations to purchase them will be sent out via email.

Meanwhile, cabin sales to the public will be made at ‘It’s The Ship’ official website at 12pm on Monday, 13 April 2015.

Plus, a new payment option for ‘It’s The Ship 2015’ has been introduced too, where guests can opt to pay for their cabins via a monthly instalment plan which varies depending on types of cabin purchased. For more details, visit

The phase one artiste lineup for ‘It’s The Ship’ will be revealed this coming May.