News of Asian Television (ATV) shutting down has made a huge impact throughout the Hong Kong entertainment industry. Many artistes have been voicing their opinions about the news online, and expressed their thoughts on the future of Hong Kong television.

As reported on Mingpao News, ATV actress Grace Cheung recently admitted that she was confused with the news, as it was just recently that she received an offer to participate in a variety show for the station.

“I just heard the news yesterday that the government has not approved ATV’s license renewal. Frankly, it is hard to accept the reality,” she said.
Meanwhile, opinionated actor Anthony Wong, who has always been a firm critic of the government, supported the disapproval, and mocked ATV’s major investor Wong Ching as being mentally disturbed.
“I pity ATV very much. They must felt very helpless to have such a boss,” he said. It was previously rumoured that Wong Ching’s involvement in the station was the beginning of ATV’s downfall.
He also calls for the government to hold an open bid for the new TV license again – a bid that Ricky Wong’s HKTV lost back in 2013.
Meanwhile, actress Meg Lam says that her only concern is for the employees that would lose their job. She expressed encouragement for the workers, and urges them to equip themselves and look forward for new developments.
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