Hannah Quinlivan has recently turned to Facebook to urge the public to give her family space to work out their issue.

Sina News previously reported that Hannah’s father and stepmother have filed for divorce after a disagreement over their son’s education.

Allegedly, Mr. Quinlivan had accused his wife of speaking ill about Hannah, while her stepmother accused the model-actress of being hostile towards her since day one of their marriage.
However, it was recently reported that the Quinlivans had since set aside their differences and continue to work on their marriage.
Her stepmother was reported to have said that she will not intentionally badmouth her stepdaughter and only wishes for her son to grow up happily with his parents’ love.
Meanwhile, the actress herself turned to Facebook on 28 April and uploaded a “Pray for Nepal” poster, saying, “I hope to be given space for my family to work on their matters. Thank you everyone for your concern. I hope you will give this much care instead to the needy people. Pray for Nepal.” 
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