Hong Kong Film Awards’ host Gordon Lam has recently been slammed for what was deemed to be a disrespectful comment towards a nominee.

According to Mingpao News, the actor, who returned as a host of the prestigious event on 19 April, tried to be funny by not pronouncing the name correctly while introducing actress Candy Cheung.

He also made a subsequent comment about Candy’s film “Dot 2 Dot”, saying that he had not seen the movie as it was only shown in “Europe” – which is the nickname for Tuen Mun’s Paris London New York Milano cinemas. 
His comments were later blasted for being disrespectful to a nominee, as Candy Cheung was also nominated for Best New Performer category. The movie director Amos Why has also expressed his dissatisfaction online, saying that the movie opened in ten cinemas and was never shown in Paris London New York Milano cinemas.
Amos also invited Gordon to watch the film as it will be screened at the Hong Kong Arts Centre in Wan Chai.
When asked to comment about Gordon’s blunder, the HKFA Chairman, Gordon Chan defended Gordon, saying, “As a volunteer host, he was very anxious and focused during preparation. He contributed a lot. It’s hard to please everyone, and to achieve such, there is a risk of being disrespectful.”
“I hope that people will be able to understand,” he added.
(Photo source: ent.sina.com.cn)