As a fan in her teenage years, she used to mock Myolie Wu for her acting. Now GEM Tang believes that the universe may be punishing her by getting herself her own brand of haters.

According to HK Channel, the singer, who spoke to the media at a recent interview, clarified an old issue that resurfaced recently, when a Netizen exposed that she used to mock Myolie Wu for her acting.

In 2006, when GEM is not yet a star and was still studying in high school, she once mocked Myolie for failing to win best Actress for her role in “To Grow With Love”.
She wrote online, “Yes! Fat Myolie didn’t win. She is the world’s cheapest, ugliest, most hateful actress who doesn’t know how to act.”
GEM clarified, “I was still in high school at the time, and she was in a series with Linda Chung. Since I preferred Linda’s character more, I was very critical about Myolie. Sometimes, when I think about it, and recalled how I am being scolded by Netizens nowadays, maybe that’s my retribution [for mocking Myolie].”
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