Former Miss Asia Elaine Ng, who previously made headlines due to the conflict with her only daughter and Jackie Chan’s love child, Etta, revealed that they are now in the process of slowly adapting to living together again.

According to Tencent Entertainment, Elaine, who was spotted driving her daughter to school recently, said, “We have never been separated for so long, so after this incident, we have to slowly learn to be with each other.”

Elaine admitted that they have seen several psychologists to talk about their issue and relieve the pressure.
“My daughter and I will face it together. We will learn together how to communicate with each other better. It would be very helpful,” she said.
She revealed that they were reunited again the first time on 1 April, accompanied by Etta’s social workers.
Elaine said that she would not hold any grudges with her daughter for reporting her to the authority, and admitted that Etta’s action has made her realise her own wrongdoings.
“Now, I would talk to her about a lot of things,” she said.
As for her drug abuse allegations, Elaine said that she will let the lawyers deal with the case. However, the former beauty queen revealed that she has already reduced her drinking for her daughter’s sake.
(Photo source: jaynestars.com)