Former Miss Asia Elaine Ng doesn’t care whether or not Jackie Chan, the father of her daughter Etta, wants to meet with his love child.

As reported on Yahoo! HK, previously, Jackie addressed the issue of conflict between Elaine and Etta, saying that he felt sorry for not acknowledging the latter as his own.

When asked whether he will soon meet up with her, Jackie replied, “I will let nature take its course.”
However, when mentioned about Jackie’s response, Elaine, who was attending an event for Hong Kong’s Digital Broadcasting Corporation recently, expressed, “I didn’t read the news. I can’t even handle my own family, let alone pay attention to others.”
As to whether she will allow her daughter to meet up with Jackie, Elaine replied, “That’s none of my business.”
“My daughter is almost 18 now. You can’t control kids or even ask them to do what you want. Nowadays, I don’t meddle in my daughter’s business.”
As for her relationship with Etta, Elaine admitted that they are slowly reconnecting with each other.
“She is currently in her rebellious phase. If you’re a parent, you would understand,” she said.
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