Another conflict broke out between Elaine Ng and daughter Etta, after the latter’s school informed the former Miss Asia that Etta refused to go home.

According to UDN News, on 23 April, Etta reportedly told a teacher that she did not want to go home after a quarrel with Elaine, prompting the school to arrange a social worker to talk to Elaine instead of letting her see her daughter.

In a short interview with the media later on, Elaine revealed that the two of them had a quarrel after Etta asked her for a beer. 
“I told her that I also needed red wine to help me sleep better, so I let her drink some. But when I asked her if she had done her homework, since she had not returned to school for quite a while, she said that the teacher told her not to worry,” said Elaine.
“She also said that all her classmates drank beer. I was unhappy so I scold her, but then she told her teacher about it at school. And now she is saying she won’t come home.”
Elaine also expressed her frustration with Etta’s school for not helping the issue.
“I am a single mum. I need to work to earn money and I am already stressed out. The school should be helping me and discuss things with me instead,” she said.
Elaine added that the school principal told her that Etta had been arranged to stay elsewhere for a while.
(Photo source: asianpopnews.com)