Dee Hsu has recently been hospitalised after being involved in a minor cycling accident.

According to Epoch Times, the Taiwanese TV personality revealed on Facebook that the accident occurred when she lost control of her bicycle while riding down a slope during a cycling trip with husband Mike Hsu and a group of friends.

The “Kangxi Lai Le” host stated, “I was thrown to the ground face down. We immediately called for an ambulance. It was painful and I was so scared.”
Dee thanked her sister, Barbie Hsu, for covering for her on the show for the time being, and expressed her gratitude as well to the medical team for their assistance.
Though she did not suffer from serious injuries, Dee will be taking a month break to recover.
However, the funny Taiwanese host didn’t forget to add, “It really isn’t domestic violence!”, reminding the public of the misunderstanding about her previous eye injury.
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