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Penang-born songstress Dasha Logan, 27 has proven that you can indeed inherit talent.

Daughter of the late Loganathan Arumugam and niece of David Arumugam – vocalists of the legendary local band Alleycats – Dasha was exposed to the music scene ever since she was 4-years-old.

Having performed in many bars around Penang and KL as well as music festivals in Asia, no one can say that the music doesn’t run in Dasha Logan’s veins as she is ready to take over the local music industry with her creative versatility with song genres.

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Not only does she have an angelic and seductive voice, Dasha also writes her own lyrics, maintaining her artistic control over her work. Her recent debut song “Cleverly” made it into the UK Soul Charts when it was first released and she is also signed under the British label, Areaboy – so she’s got to be doing something right.

TheHive.Asia managed to catch up with the beautiful singer during the launch of Malaysia’s music streaming service RAKU where she took the stage with her uncle, David Arumugam.

Hi Dasha! Out of all the career paths out there, why the musical one?
It was kind of decided for me from the very beginning, because I always knew I wanted to sing. I have always wanted to be a singer ever since I saw my dad singing live and he looks like he’s having such a great time with my uncle. That is when I decided like “Yeah, I want to do that too.” I have always loved performing and I am very comfortable on stage and also under the spotlight.

So, would you say that your dad and uncle are your main musical inspiration?
I think the whole band was my first ever influence. They were the first live music performance I have ever seen.

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Dasha Logan and her uncle, David Arumugam.

Do you have any other musical influences? 
A lot. Internationally; I have to say its Amy Winehouse, Bruno Mars, The Beatles, John Legend and John Mayer, while locally; it’s Alleycats, Yuna, Zee Avi and so on. There are so many people who influenced me in so many different ways.

It has been quite a while that you’ve been around in the scene, so do people still know you as Alleycats’ Loganathan’s daughter, or just Dasha Logan?
At first it was very much like “Oh, it’s Loga’s daughter, let’s get her to sing for this event.” But now it’s more like Dasha Logan.

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We heard that you travel between KL and London quite often. 
I do, once a year for the past three years. I’ll be going again in June and July this year. But now I travel more in Asia like KL, Singapore and I’ll be going to Hong Kong this June.

Your debut single “Cleverly” entered the UK Soul Charts, congratulations! So when can we expect a new single or album from you?
Thank you! We’re going to just release singles this year and not an album yet, because we want to focus on each and individual song. But then it should be out soon, it’s already been recorded. The song is called “Leave Your Man”. All of my songs are about breakups and heartaches. It’s a good song, I can’t wait for it to release!

Your “Cleverly” single sounds very R&B meets Jazz.
I’ve done so many different kinds of music, I sing Rock, Jazz, Pop, R&B; it kind of just like merged together into a whole different kind of genre. So when you listen to my originals, even though there’s only one [genre], it kind of ranges between all of the other genres. Sometimes it’s a bit more Pop-ish, sometimes Jazzy. So “Cleverly” is a bit more of R&B, Soul and Jazz while “Leave Your Man” is more of an R&B and Pop mix.

For “Cleverly” you collaborated with Paul Johnson, is there anybody else from the local or international music industry you would like to collaborate with?
I would love to perform with Ed Sheeran. Because he is also an amazing writer, his music is really amazing. I would also love to work with John Mayer, then I can marry him eventually, I don’t know that’s my plan; I’ll meet him and marry him! [Laughs]

Locally, I would love to work with Zee Avi. I admire her work and I’ve met her. She is so humble and nice. I think with her style and my style, we might come up with something interesting.

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Dasha Logan performed at RAKU’s launch event.

What are your thoughts on the local music industry? Do you think musicians can finally thrive here? Has the perception on local musicians changed or is now changing?
I think the music industry in Malaysia has changed significantly. I’ve been alive for 27 years and I’ve seen my dad go through it and all the local artistes like Zainal Abidin. What I mean is that it has changed where our country now is much more accepting to different things. So I see an evolution in the music industry and also we have branch out to Asia and the rest of the world. We are growing and showing the rest of the world what we have.

There are some countries where musicians just stay in their country and they are happy with just that. But I think in Malaysia, we always want to do more. And it’s great that we have those platforms. I was really lucky that I met the label in London. Thanks to the people in Malaysia who introduced me to them, like my ex-manager Sam Kumar. Also, people overseas are happy to work with Malaysians as well. So I think in terms of how much we have progressed, there’s been an amazing change. It’s nice that we as Malaysians are brave to try and go out and show the world what we have.

It’s nice that our goal isn’t just Malaysia, our goal is the world.