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Southeast Asia’s first and only festival of ideas, Cooler Lumpur, returns for its third edition of the festival at Publika, Solaris Dutamas from 12 to 14 June 2015, with this year’s theme “Dangerous Ideas”.

With the collaboration between creative media shop PopDigital and British Council, the three-day festival of ideas aims to challenge urbanites to engage in debates as they learn and grapple with the ideas and current issues faced by the society.

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“Dangerous Ideas is focused on responsibly unearthing ideas and exploring how these ideas shape our behaviours, environment and societies,” said Hardesh Singh, Executive Director of Cooler Lumpur Festival as quoted by Malaysian Digest.
“In this age of instant information, ideas spread like wild fire. We’d like to harness the contagious power of a great idea and the potential it holds to inspire transformation,” he added.

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Also, according to Hardesh, the festival will fully adopt the new entertainment guidelines set by JAKIM. In a statement on Cooler Lumpur official Facebook page, he wrote;
Our theme for this year is ‘Dangerous Ideas’. There is nothing funny about being dangerous, hence we are pretty certain there won’t be any instances of uncontrollable laughter. 
We will also be segregating audience members according to gender. As the Minister in charge of Islamic Affairs has said himself – young lonely women are vulnerable to negative influences and we intend to keep them safely locked away in a separate room from men. 
Where it’s impossible to tell a person’s gender, we will be adopting an earlier guideline – also released by the same department – on spotting a person with LGBT tendencies. We will then deal with each individual separately and box them as nature intended.
The festival will feature a selection of lectures, panel discussions, screenings, workshops as well as everyone’s favourite activity of the event, horror story sharing sessions “Bump in the Night”.
There will also be some special activities for juniors and the 3rd consecutive year of the highly successful Poskod Journalism Campus.
Other than the selected workshops, Cooler Lumpur’s Dangerous Ideas is free of charge and is open to the public regardless of their age.

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For more information visit or their Facebook page.

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