Thanks to China’s recent ban of celebrities involved in drugs, a movie producer has now demanded all actors involved in his films to take a drug test before filming begins.

As reported on ECNS News, Chinese actors Liu Guanxiang and Luo Yunxi revealed on 31 March that they had to take a drug test before filming the comedy “Guys and a Kid” and posted a photo of their test result.

The actors revealed that this is the first time they ever had to undergo such a thing before shooting a movie.
When asked to explain, producer Zhang Jun Han stated that the drug test is a pre-emptive action to ensure that the actors will not pose a risk to investors.
“Investors give a lot of money for a film. If actors are involved in illegal affairs, the risks have to be borne by these investors,” he said.
In addition to the drug test, Zhang revealed that the actors were also required to sign a contract saying that they must return double what they were paid for if they were found to be using drugs.
(Photo source: cn.china.cn)