stephen chow
It was revealed that a Beijing court has thrown out Stephen Chow’s case against production company, Huayi Brothers.

As reported on Oriental Daily News, previously, the comedy auteur filed a lawsuit against the company under his holding company Wei Ying Investment Ltd., stating that Huayi has breached an agreement stating that a bonus payment will be given if his directorial effort, “Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons”, makes more than RMB500 million (USD80.4 million) at the box office.

However, Huayi’s legal representative recently called for the court to throw the case out, as the second supplemental agreement, which stated that Huayi will pay a bonus and was made between Chow and Huayi’s Wang Zhongjun, was not signed by both parties.
The legal representative also stated that despite its total box office of RMB1.25 billion (USD201 million), the total profit accumulated by the company after deduction of taxes, distribution fee, marketing, and other costs was less than RMB500 million, thus making the agreement null and void.
On 14 April, the Beijing No.3 Intermediate People’s Court released its result, saying that the case has been rejected due to the fact that the agreement wasn’t signed and sealed.
A spokesperson of Chow stated that the company is considering an appeal.
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