Ann Hui’s biopic “The Golden Era” was the biggest winner at the 34th Hong Kong Film Awards that was held yesterday.

As reported on Asian Universe, the movie, which stars Tang Wei as the celebrated writer Xiao Hong, bagged two major awards – Best Film and Best Director, as well as Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction, and Best Costume Design.

Meanwhile, Sean Lau, who was expected to win Best Actor for his role in “Overheard 3”, did so, though Charlene Choi, who was the favourite to win Best Actress for her performance in “Sara”, lost the award to Zhao Wei (“Dearest”).
“Overheard 3” also became the second biggest winner of the night, with three awards including Best Screenwriter for Alan Mak and Felix Hong, and Best Supporting Actor for Kenneth Tsang.
The winners are as follows:
Best Film
“The Golden Era”
Best Director
Ann Hui, “The Golden Era”
Best Actor
Sean Lau, “Overheard 3”
Best Actress
Vicky Zhao, “Dearest”
Best Supporting Actor
Kenneth Tsang, “Overheard 3” 
Best Supporting Actress
Ivana Wong, “Golden Chickensss”
Best Newcomer
Ivana Wong, “Golden Chickensss”
Best Screenwriter
Alan Mak, Felix Hong, “Overheard 3”
Best Cinematography
Wang Yu, “The Golden Era”
Best Film Editing 
David Wu, “The Crossing”
Best Art Direction
Zhao Hai, “The Golden Era”
Best Costume Design
Man Lim Chung, “The Golden Era”
Best Action Choreography
Donnie Yen, Stephen Tung, Won Bin, Yan Hua, “Kung Fu Jungle”
Best Original Film Score
Ellen Loo, Veronica Lee, “The Midnight After”
Best Original Film Song
“Destination” by Anthony Wong Yiu Ming, “Aberdeen”
Composer: Anthony Wong Yiu Ming, Jason Choi 
Lyrics: Wyman Wong
Best Sound Effects
Tu Duu Chih, “The Crossing”
Best Visual Effects
Victor Wong, Cheung Chung Wah, “Rise of the Legend”
Best New Director
David Lee, “Insanity”
Best Film From Mainland And Taiwan
“Coming Home”
Professional Achievement Award
Lee Kuen Long
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