Hong Kong filmmaker Ann Hui recently defended actress Sandra Ng, after the latter was criticised for making a joke about 1930s writer Xiao Hong, who was the subject of Ann’s award-winning film, “The Golden Era”.

According to Mingpao News, previously, during the presentation of the Best Film category at the 34th Hong Kong Film Awards, Sandra, who was the guest presenter, made a joke about “The Golden Era”.

She stated, “Since childhood, I only knew about [Hong Kong actress] Josephine Siao. But now I know that in the 1930s, there was also a writer named Xiao Hong. I only know that there is a lot of Ms. Siao in Portland Street.”
Since Portland Street is a popular street known for its brothels, massage parlours, and hostess bars, Sandra’s words were considered disrespectful not only to the late writer, but to “The Golden Era” director as well.
However, Ann was quick to defend Sandra, saying, “I didn’t hear what she said at the time because I was backstage. But Sandra has always been a rational person, and you can’t accuse someone of disrespect from just a few words.”
“I believe Sandra didn’t intend to hurt anyone. The Sandra Ng that I know has no ill will towards anyone. What she said was just a joke,” she added.
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