TVB actress Anjaylia Chan has defended Kevin Cheng over the hoopla that is his enquiries about her sex life.

As reported on HK Channel, recently, an insider leaked a taped conversation between Kevin, Anjaylia and her boyfriend about their sex life to the media.

In it, Kevin asked Anjaylia and her boyfriend if the two of them, who are devout Christians, abstained themselves from pre-marital sex.
The insider stated that Kevin grilled the two of them about their sexual lives and caused an awkward atmosphere.
Though a minor issue, Netizens were quick to criticise Kevin for being disrespectful about other people’s preference and way of life.
However, Anjaylia has stepped up and clarified the issue, saying, “Yes, he did ask me about my sex life, but actually, there are a lot of other people who are curious about these things pertaining to devout Christians.”
“A lot of people are not familiar with the religion, so they would ask. He asked us a lot of questions that day,” she said.
Kevin also explained that it was not anything scandalous.
“I am not a Christian myself, but I respect people’s personal belief and religion.”
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