No wonder Sean Lau is so dedicated to his wife, Amy Kwok. According to sources, the former beauty queen forgoes her NASA dream to be with him!

Previously, the recently-awarded HKFA Best Actor gave a romantic acceptance speech dedicated to his wife, saying, “Whenever my spaceship goes elsewhere, you would always find a way to make me return to earth.”

Though he refused to explain the meaning behind his speech, according to Epoch Times, Amy was an intern at NASA before she decided to accept Sean as her husband.
Reportedly, Amy has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southern California and was doing internship at NASA before joining Miss Hong Kong pageant back in 1991.
Sources said, “She was happy to join NASA, as there were only a few female Chinese engineers selected for the programme. She trained for six months and would have been a qualified engineer if she continued another half a year.”
However, she filmed her first drama, “The Greed of Man”, after winning her beauty pageant, and met Sean instead.
“After she started dating Sean, she changed her mind and chose not to return to the United States,” the source added. 
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