“Many AIDS sufferers are innocent people and should not be alienated,” said Aaron Kwok, at the premiere of the AIDS documentary film “It’s Not Over” recently.

As reported on Mingpao News, the actor, who cut short his Dubai publicity tour to attend the event as the Hong Kong AIDS Foundation Ambassador, stated, “I hope that the public will not discriminate against AIDS patients. There is no need to keep your distance from them.”

The actor, who starred in an AIDS-themed film, “Love for Life”, alongside Zhang Ziyi back in 2011, stated that working with AIDS patients in the movie was a great experience.
“They looked as healthy as other people. We eat together and work together. There is no question that they have a very strong will to live. I was deeply moved,” he said.
“Instead of discriminating them, we should get along and be more positive,” the actor added.
Aaron also hopes that the Foundation will be able to raise more money and do more activities to raise awareness about the issue of mistreatment of AIDS patients.
(Photo source: wenweipo.com)