Hong Kong diva GEM Tang was shocked when several angry audience members caused a commotion during her performance in Changsha.

According to Mingpao News, the singer had an unwelcoming reception during a performance, when several concert-goers came with signage bearing the words “Get out of showbiz” and “GEM Tang, you are not a singer!”

Things went from bad to worse when angry fans started to throw water bottles at the signage holders, prompting the guards to come in and separate them from each other.
It was reported that GEM’s agency had refused to let the singer performed at the event three days prior to the incident. 
However, after agreeing on the performance fee with the organisers, GEM’s agency tried to stop her from performing yet again, citing infringement issue as the reason, as the sponsors did not seek their approval for using her image to promote the show.
The company only gave in later on, after it was revealed that 10,000 viewers had already bought tickets to see her perform.
The organisers recently clarified that the issue has been taken care of.
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