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Goods and Services Tax (GST) has been made official yesterday, and we know that the implementation is not easy for many consumers as sarcasms, complaints and dissatisfaction has filled the pages of many social media platforms.

But surely they will get used to it eventually – maybe.
Anyway, despite the execution of GST, some retailers in Malaysia have decided to maintain the prices of their goods, which means: no increment or changes in prices.
So, many can rest assure and shop with ease at these following shops:-

1. Mydin

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A comparison of identical goods bought on 31 Mar and 1 Apr.
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Local hypermarket Mydin has announced that it will not hike up the price of its goods as it has decided to absorb the 6% GST so that their prices remained the same. This is possible because GST will be replacing Mydin’s existing Sales and Service Tax (SST), which is usually charged between 5 to 10 percent.

2. KFC

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Similar with Mydin, KFC will also replace their previous SST, also known as Government Tax, with the current GST. Thus, customers will either be paying the same price or less. However, the prices displayed on the menu of the fast food chain will be higher because that is the net price. Previously the 6% government tax was not included in the menu but was charged upon payment at the cash register.


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The giant Swedish furniture company reaffirmed that the prices of their products will be the same as before the implementation of GST. Though it is not mention whether IKEA also replaced their SST with GST, we can assume that it did. According to Bernama, IKEA Damansara store manager Gerard Jansen said, “Customers can continue to enjoy the same low-price products and solutions in spite of the GST rollout. We hope that this move will help more Malaysians live a better everyday life at home.”

4. TGV

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The movie ticket prices in TGV also remained the same after GST implementation. Since movie tickets are not subjected to SST, TGV decided to reduce the original price of their ticket as well as the entertainment duty instead, so that it tallies up with the old price ticket price even when GST is included.

5. Zalora

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Local online fashion retailer Zalora will also be absorbing the 6% GST but only if the customers use a special voucher code “GSTDROP” to get a storewide 6% discount. The discount code can be applied to all Zalora in-house labels and international brands. According to Malaysian Insider, Zalora would lower the prices of its good by 5%, inclusive GST since it only increased the prices on its website by less than 1%.