Rumour has it that comedy auteur Stephen Chow will be working with Zhao Wei again for the upcoming sequel of his box office hit, “Journey to the west: Conquering the Demons”.

As reported on HK Channel, Zhao, who worked with Stephen in “Shaolin Soccer” in 2001, reportedly has expressed interest to reunite with Stephen again, prompting the actor-turned-filmmaker to create a new role especially for her.

“Journey to the West 2” will be co-produced by Stephen and Alibaba Pictures, the company whose 9.18 percent stakes are currently owned by Zhao and her husband Huang Youlong.
The movie, to be directed by Tsui Hark this time around, stars Shu Qi and Wen Zhang, who will reprise their role as Miss Duan and Monk Tang, respectively.  
“Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons” is one of the biggest box office hits in mainland China. It has accumulated around USD215 million since its release back in 2013.  
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