Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi is starring in a new anthology film, “Crying Out Love in the Centre of the World” (working title).

According to Phoenix News, the actress is among the star-studded cast that will be involved in the project, to be helmed by five directors including Zhang Yibai (“Fleet of Time”), Zhang Meng (“The Piano in a Factory”), and Guan Hu (“The Chef, The Actor, The Scoundrel”).

The movie will feature five love stories that take place in five different countries – Australia, Japan, Norway, United States, and Turkey. 
M Time reported that Zhang Ziyi co-stars alongside Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng in Zhang Yibai’s part of the film, which takes place in Japan. Though this is the first time for the two stars to work together, they were able to cooperate and understand each other fully with no problem whatsoever.
Other stars include Michelle Chen, Tang Wei, Ethan Juan, Huang Lei, and Liu Ye.
The film’s release date has yet to be determined at the time of writing.
(Photo source: crntt.com)