A new book that chronicles the life of Chinese director Zhang Yimou, entitled “Fate: Zhang Yimou the Lonely”, written by good friend and script consultant Zhou Xiaofeng, has recently been published and it is as controversial as the director himself.

According to Sina News, the book, which apparently has been approved by the director, is a tell-all book that was written as early as 2013, after Zhang made headlines for fathering three children and thus violating China’s One-Child Policy.

While there were many things written about the director, it was his conflict with long-time producer Zhang Weiping that attracted attention. In the book, Zhou mentioned her suspicion that it was Zhang Weiping who leaked the secret of the director’s unregistered children, and proceeded to talk about the decade-long conflict between the two of them.

Some of the chapters talked about how the producer manipulated Zhang Yimou for 16 years, eventually wrecking Zhang’s relationship with his family and friends, as well as the blossoming romance between the director and his muse at the time, Gong Li.
It was alleged that Zhang Weiping had delayed paying the director’s fees for many films, including “Hero” (2002), “The House of Flying Daggers” (2004), and “Curse of the Golden Flower” (2006), and only did so in 2010, an amount totalling to RMB11.5 million (USD1.8 million)
Zhou also claimed that Zhang Weiping once offered to help the gullible director in obtaining birth certificates for his children, which were later found to be fakes.
When asked about the book, the producer, who has been inactive since his conflict with Zhang, issued a statement, stressing that the book has severely damaged his character and that he will take legal action against the writer and the director.
(Photo source: dailynews.sina.com)