Jay Chou’s good friend and singer-songwriter Will Liu has recently spoken up and defended the Taiwanese superstar against the accusations made by Jay’s former mentor, Jacky Wu.

As reported on Sina News, previously, Jacky, who was snubbed from attending Jay’s wedding three times, made an indirect remark about Jay’s ingratitude by saying that the incident has reminded him to always be thankful to his seniors.

Jay, who was dubbed Jacky’s protégé, had a falling-out with the entertainer when Jacky decided to sell his record company, Alfa Music, in 2001 and left the budding composer fending for himself.
When asked to comment about the issue, Will stated that Jacky can never be considered Jay’s mentor, as the latter was signed to Alfa Music as a lyricist and composer, not to be trained as a pop singer.
He also stated that Jacky paid Jay minimal fees for his work, and could not even afford to buy his own food. Will disclosed that his poor condition went on for three years before he was given the chance to release his first album.
The singer stressed that Jay was never the sort of person to be ungrateful to others, as the superstar has helped Will a lot in his career, even endorsing the gym that he set up.
In unrelated news, Will recently welcomed his third child on 13 March, and named her Liu Shan.
(Photo source: Will Liu’s Weibo)