monopoly 1

In conjunction with the famous board game’s 80th anniversary, Monopoly is coming up with the ‘Monopoly Here and Now: World Edition’ and it needs you to vote for your city!

Pocket-lint reported that the latest feature of this addictive board game from Hasbro is allowing players to choose different cities across the world that the players want to include as property spaces in the game.

As for those cities that are not listed in the board game, worry not because Monopoly is offering an opportunity which they call the ‘Wild Card Week’ from 3rd to 9th of March.

During the ‘Wild Card Week’, Monopoly fans can submit their specific destination to vote for their chosen city.

Cities that submit the most votes will stand a chance to make it into the top 20 cities. These chosen cities are going to be in the newest version of the board game!

The final list of the chosen cities will be announced on Monopoly Day and Monopoly’s official birthday itself, which is on 19 March.

This board game was first introduced back in 1903 and with the upgraded version in 1935, it has become one of the most well-known board games in the world.