The long lost Violent Femmes of the 2000’s have finally reunited 15 years later with a new drummer who was formerly a Dresden Dolls member, Brian Vigilone.

Billboard reported that the Milwaukee punk trio band have now released a new track entitled “Love Love Love Love Love”, an ode to old-fashioned romance written by Jake Brebes since their last track “Freak Magnet” which they released in the 2000’s.

The trio which includes singer-guitarist Gordon Gano, bassist Brian Ritchie and their new drummer got inspired last New Year’s Eve and recorded their new track immediately in Hobart, Tasmania.

The band is said to be very excited with the new plans they have, where one of it is to produce more tracks this year.

“Happy to have some new recordings for people that have loved our music, and would be honoured to have a few new ears hear us for the first time too,” Gano enthuses.

The band also said that they will be touring across America along with the Barenaked Ladies this coming June and July.

Below is the Violent Femmes’s new track, “Love Love Love Love Love”.

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