“I will not meddle,” said Taiwanese director Sylvia Chang, when asked about the latest rumours of Oxide Pang’s philandering.

Previously, the controversial director and husband to actress Angelica Lee made headlines again when the tabloids published a photo of him with another woman in a pub in Bangkok.

The photo consequently sparked fans’ anger, especially since it was just last year that he was caught cheating on Angelica with rookie actress Liddy Li.
However, when asked to address the issue, Sylvia, Angelica’s close friend and director of her new movie, “Murmurs of the Heart”, stated that there is nothing to worry about.
“Angelica’s fine. Everyone is making something out of nothing,” she said.
As to whether she will advise Oxide Pang to be careful with his words and behaviour, Sylvia said that she will not do any of the sorts.
“He is an adult. If I said that, I would be a very stupid woman,” said the director. “Going out to a night spot is not a big deal. It was not as bad as it made out to be.”
Oxide Pang had since denied the rumours and clarified the situation, saying that the woman was just a friend of a friend and that he was out with a group of friends to discuss new film.
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