It seems like the world’s best selling watch maker, Swatch Group is revealing their plans of their latest watch designed with their own special feature in order to compete with smartwatches.
According to BBC News, CEO of Swatch Group Nick Hayek made the announcement at an annual news conference. 
He said that Swatch’s design has nothing similar to the smartwatches being offered by Apple, Motorola, Pebble and others.
So far there are two latest feature added into their wrist-wear technology is the Near-field communication (NFC) and Bluetooth function.
NFC  is a chip that will allow users to trigger touchless payments and even open compatible locks and doors. Swatch has said to cooperate with a Chinese credit card association, China UnionPay to allow users to make use of the touchless payment function. The first NFC featured watch is said to be released in two months.
As for the Bluetooth function, same as other smartphones where users will be able to send and receive data. Now, you will be able to receive notifications, messages or even news updates from your watch via Bluetooth that connects to your smartphone.
Hayek also mentioned that the latest Swatch design is up to everyone to unlock its full potential.
“Whatever usage you want, you ask some creative people to create some apps and then our chip has different layers that you can program yourself,” said Hayek during a press conference in Swiss.
In addition, he compared Swatch with popular smartphone brands such as Apple, Samsung and Sony that is already developing smartwatches, saying that Swatch Group is not going to put a mobile phone on their users’ wrists.
“We are not going to transform and put the mobile phone on the wrist. Let the others do it. Samsung did it, Sony did it. Everybody does it.”
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