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Sorry party-goers, looks like FMFA is not happening after all as its appeal for a permit has been rejected!

The appeal which was sent on 3 March 2015 to the Ministry of Home Affairs has been officially denied on 6 March 2015, Channel News Asia reports.

In a statement, the Ministry of Home Affairs said, “The Minister for Home Affairs has carefully considered and turned down the appeal by Livescape Singapore to hold the Future Music Festival Asia 2015 in Singapore.”

Malaysian based Livescape Asia who had already sold over 15,000 out of the 20,000 tickets for the two-day festival, already had their permit application denied twice by the police over the fear of last year’s FMFA drug abuse incident in Malaysia.

Chairman of the National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA) Mr Victor Lye added that the decision made by the Ministry of Home Affairs is not particularly aimed at any particular genre of entertainment or group.

He said, “I think the refusal to issue the entertainment licence by the Ministry would not been done unless there has been due consideration and quite a bit of legwork in terms of the background or facts of the organiser. It is a question of whether the particular event or organiser is being responsible enough.”

FMFA organisers Livescape Asia released a statement on their Facebook page saying that they are “extremely disappointed” that their appealed is unsuccessful because they firmly stand behind their goals of “creating a drug-free event for our festival goers to enjoy.”

Although it is uncertain whether FMFA 2015 will happen at all this year but Livescape Asia is “assessing all options and formulating our next course of action” which will be updated soon.

Livescape Asia also used this opportunity to thank the fans who have been supported them through their difficulties.

“To the fans there are no words in this world that can describe our eternal gratitude to you. We called, and you answered. Your response to ‪#‎KeepFMFAAlive‬ has brought tears to all of us at FMFA. We are humbled, and we are grateful.”

Read the full statement here.