Penang Jazz songstress Bihzhu has done it again, bringing peace to human ears through her soothing and optimistic new song, “Bright Veins”.

The singer-songwriter became known in the music scene through her 2011 radio hit “The Heart Way”, which won her a VIMA award for Song of the Year.
Similar to her 2011 jazzy hit, “Bright Veins” is the very definition of serenity and tranquility. The perfect lullaby to relieve your stress, worries and sorrows away.
The comforting track comes together with a unique and breathtaking music video directed and produced by Jeremy Teo and Chris Lim of The Spacemen.
Released on 24 March, the music video is shot in a documentary style that shows people from different walks of life such as a barber, a tattoo artist, an old woman and a little girl; each with lights in their veins and love in their names.

Watch her video below.

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