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This 8 March 2015, it will be exactly a year since tragedy struck Malaysia Airlines flight, MH370 which had mysteriously disappeared.

MH370 was scheduled to fly from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Beijing Capital International Airport, but lost contact with air traffic control in less than an hour after its takeoff.

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The plane was a Boeing 777-200ER and had 12 Malaysian crew members and 227 passengers from 15 nations on board. Since efforts to locate the flight have not proven successful to date, those on the flight are officially presumed to be dead as confirmed by Malaysian officials last month.

The disappearance of flight MH370 is believed to have been one of the deadliest and most mysterious aviation in Malaysia Airlines’ history.

We look back at MH370’s chronological timeline and the key events of the flight’s disappearance:-

8 March 2014

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MH370 disappears from the air traffic control radar in less than an hour after departing from Kuala Lumpur at 00:41 MYT. The last voice contact was made at 01:19 MYT and at 01:21 MYT. Later, a search and rescue effort is launched in the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand.

9 March 2014

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When the passenger manifest of MH370 was released, it was found that two men from Austria and Italy, listed among the passengers were not on board. Officials from the two countries believed that the two men have had their passports stolen.

10 March 2014

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The military force of Malaysia announced that MH370 might have turned back and flew west from its flight path. Thus, the search zone is expanded to include areas in the Straits of Malacca.

12 March 2014

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The Royal Malaysian Air Force announces that an aircraft plotted on military radar crossed the Malay Peninsula after changing course, 200 miles (320 km) northwest of Penang Island off Malaysia’s west coast. The search and rescue efforts were then shifted to the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal.

15 March 2014

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Officials announced that communications between MH370 and a communications satellite operated by Inmarsat indicate that the flight continued to fly for several more hours and was along one of two corridors at the time of its last communication. Thus, a new phase of multi-national search and rescue operations was conducted within two areas in the northern and southern corridors.

18 March – 28 April 2014

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25 countries are involved with the search which included an aerial search around the southern part of the Indian Ocean, and the west and southwest of Australia.

24 March 2014

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Malaysian Prime Minister announced that MH370 is presumed to have gone down in the southern Indian Ocean while Malaysia Airlines states that it has been assumed “beyond reasonable doubt” that there are no survivors.

Local and International celebrities express their grief and regrets on their respective social media accounts after hearing the news. Also, a two-day concert at KLCC, Twin Towers @Live, was cancelled as respect for those affected.

30 March 2014

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Australian Prime Minister establishes the Joint Agency Coordination Centre (JACC) to coordinate support for search and recovery operations of MH370.

2−14 April 2014

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More intense search and rescue efforts by several vessels including “The Lord Of The Rings” director Peter Jackson’s jet, and aircraft-deployed sonobuoys which are made to detect underwater acoustic signals made by underwater locator beacons attached to the aircraft’s data recorders. Several acoustic detections by Ocean Shield were made between 4–8 April.

14 April−28 May 2014

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A sonar survey of the seafloor near the acoustic detections was conducted, with several debris and oil slicks found. But these are later confirmed to be unrelated to MH370.

27 May 2014

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Inmarsat reveals satellite data of MH370 which has been criticised for concluding that MH370 really ended in the southern Indian Ocean.

May−December 2014

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Next phase of search using bathymetric survey was conducted in suspected regions. These months are relatively eventless as preparations were made for the underwater search.

26 June 2014

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Australia announced a new search area of up to 60,000 km2 in the southern Indian Ocean, based on a report by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau detailing the previous search efforts, analysis of satellite communications, methodology used to determine the new search area.

17 July 2014

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Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17) which flies from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashes in Ukraine. But a Malaysian minister assures that this will not affect the search for MH370.


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The underwater search began on 6 October and is expected to last up to 12 months. The search is conducted in areas where the bathymetric survey has been completed.

8 October 2014

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Officials announced that the priority search should be made in area further south of the area identified in the June ATSB report. The ATSB releases a report that details the methodology behind refinements to the analysis of satellite communications.

29 January 2015

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The Malaysian government officially declares MH370 an accident, in accordance with Annexes 12 and 13 to the Chicago Convention, and all passengers on board are presumed dead.

February 2015

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To date, the underwater search has covered more than 24,000 km2 of seafloor.

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(Main photo source: astroawani.com)