With the recent revelation that TVB will be producing the film version of its hit 2014 series, “Line Walker”, a new rumour has emerged saying that Raymond Lam will reprise his role with a condition – that girlfriend Karena Ng should be in it as well.

According to HK Channel an insider recently alleged that the actor, who left TVB last year to pursue a film career, will only star in the film if TVB would cast Karena as well.

When asked about his participation in the film, Raymond stated that he has only heard about it, but has yet to be approached by anybody about making the movie.
As for working with Karena, Raymond said, “You are thinking too much. But I will not say no to working with her.”
Meanwhile, it was also rumoured that Benz Hui may not appear in the film. Reportedly, his character as a triad boss had to be omitted from the film version to appeal to the mainland market.