Filming the upcoming mini-series, “7 Days of Romance”, with g.o.d.’s member Danny Ahn in Seoul is a different experience altogether for TVB actress Priscilla Wong.

According to On CC, the actress, who travelled to South Korea recently to shoot the five-episode drama, a joint-production between TVB and MBC (also known as TVB Korea), stated that the cold weather in South Korea was a huge challenge.

“I looked like a ball when we were filming out in the snow. I have heat packs all over me,” she said.
Priscilla stated that she only slept two to three hours per day since arriving in the country, as their filming schedule was very packed.
“It was tiring, but we had fun. The cast and crew were very professional,” she enthused.
As to her co-star Danny Ahn, who plays her love interest in the series, Priscilla said, “We were able to communicate with each other as he knows English. He was very nice too.”
“The funny thing is that we had to film a romantic scene as soon as I arrived from Hong Kong. At that point, we don’t really know each other. But it helped us get more comfortable with each other for the rest of the shoot.”
“7 Days of Romance” is set to become KBS’ 50th Anniversary drama, though the airing schedule has yet to be determined.
(Photo source: hk.on.cc/hk)