Since the death of Sarah Jones in a train accident while filming the film “Midnight Rider” last year, the same thing had happened recently to Achilles Williams, a personal fitness trainer while he was filming near a railway.

According to Deadline, Williams often films his workout videos outdoors for his YouTube channel. He did it this time with his friend filming it near the track while skipping ropes and was sideswiped by a Metrolink train in California.

Rick Harris who was the camera man filming the video was knocked to the ground as well by the impact but was not seriously injured.

“The train crew blew their horn and sounded the bells, but [Williams] did not move out of the way,” says Harris.

A memorial service was made and a GoFundMe account was made to get financial support to pay for Williams’s funeral expenses and the trainer’s 6-year-old daughter.

Friends and loved ones posting memories of Williams on Instagram and Twitter

Here is a workout video of Achilles Williams from his YouTube channel.

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