Hong Kong veteran actor Patrick Tse has finally addressed long-standing rumours about son Nicholas Tse’s entry into showbiz.

For years since Nicholas signed with Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) at the age of seventeen, rumours have been going around that he joined showbiz to help pay his father’s mountainous debt.

However, both Patrick and Nicholas continued to keep mum about the rumours, until recently, when the former talked about it during an episode of a mainland reality show.
The actor denied persuading Nicholas to work in order to pay his debts, and joked, “He would have killed me if I did that.”
Patrick added that he does not regret letting his son join the entertainment industry, as Nicholas has since won numerous awards in both music and film.
When asked if he would take legal action against the tabloid for making up the rumours, Patrick said that he prefers not to promote his slanderers.
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