This coming 11 April 2015, get ready to experience one of the most interactive and fun 5km run on the planet once again.

The Music Run 2015 is an un-timed and non-competitive run which is to be held at Sentosa Island, Singapore.

What is so special about this run?

Over 100 concert quality speakers will be placed throughout the 5km route which has been split into five 1km zones.

Each zone will have its own genre of playlists playing songs that are entirely selected by you. All you have to do is register and vote for your favourite songs that you want to be played on the event day.

The more you listen, share and like it, the more likely your favourites will make the top 5 playlists for each Music Zone.

That’s not all!

In order to get each and every one of you warmed up, amped and in the mood, The Music Run has prepared a party featuring live performances at the Starting and Finishing Zones of the race!

The event is said to donate 10% of all participant entry fees to charitable causes, 5% of it to local charity projects in the country and the remaining 5% will be allocated to an organisation called The Purosangue Project.

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