After making his actors do crazy stunts in his new film, “Wild City”, Ringo Lam has recently been given a new title by Simon Yam – The Father of Cruelty.

As reported on Oriental Daily News, the cast members of the upcoming new film recently appeared at the Hong Kong FILMART to introduce the movie, and talked about the many stunts they had to do for it.

“He was inhuman,” joked Simon Yam, one the co-stars. “His nickname is the Father of Cruelty.”
Co-star Louis Koo stated that the director demanded the stars to perform a lot of dangerous stunts for the movie, including a chopping scene that Louis admitted was the scariest among all of his scenes.
“Although the blade isn’t sharp, it would still cause damage,” he sighed.
However, the actor said that Ringo would make them do it without a stunt double to make it more realistic.
Asked if they have increased their insurance coverage, Louis laughed and replied, “Of course!”
In unrelated news, Louis revealed that he is currently involved in three productions and in negotiation for more movies in the second half of the year.
(Photo source: zimbio.com)