Hong Kong actress Lily Ho surprised many at the costume fitting session for TVB’s latest series, “Good Morning, Boss!” (tentative title), with her ugly transformation.

According to Asian Universe, the actress, who appeared at the event held in TVB City in Tseung Kwan O with darker skin, yellowing buck teeth, and heavier eyelids, revealed that she will be playing a role of an ugly girl with a kind heart.

“I play a plain girl from Cheung Chau, who will finally find herself a handsome husband,” said Lily.
The actress expressed her delight about playing such a role, saying that she wants to show viewers a fresh performance rather than continue playing pretty girl roles.
As for her transformation, Lily disclosed that the make-up does not take too long, though she will take time to get used to her false teeth.
In the movie, Lily and Ali Lee play twins, though the latter’s character will opt for plastic surgery to become prettier and uses her looks to achieve success.
The series will also co-star Ben Wong, Flora Chan, Tony Hung, and Steven Cheung.
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