Though they may have not been very cordial to each other in the years following their cooperation in “CJ7”, Chinese actress Kitty Zhang still bears a certain kind of respect for comedy auteur Stephen Chow, which led to her accepting his offer to star in his upcoming new film, “The Mermaid”.

According to an interview reported on Tencent Entertainment, the actress was full of praises for the actor-turned-filmmaker, saying, “He is a persistent man. He knows what he wants, but at the same time, he inspires a lot of creativity.”

Kitty also revealed that there is no difference between the Stephen Chow that she first worked with in 2007, and the man he is now.
“This is our first collaboration after more than six years, but there is no difference in his style of work,” she said. 
When asked to share her thoughts about Stephen, Kitty said, “He is a very wise man, who has his own ideals and adheres to them. But he is also sometimes a bit child-like.”
When asked what she meant by it, Kitty replied, “In his world, there are a lot of childhood memories and dreams, so his films represent the story and pictures of his childhood dreams. One can say he is pure. His dreams have never changed.”
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