Hong Kong Cantopop singer-turned-actress Kay Tse recently expressed her frustration over rumours that she was unable to perform well in her first TVB drama, “Blue Veins”.

Previously, the tabloids reported that Kay has caused the ire of other cast members, especially co-star Luk Wing, as well as the production crew, as she kept halting filming progress and worrying about her looks, consequently delaying the schedule.

However, the singer has recently refuted the rumours and expressed her anger over the allegations via Weibo.
She wrote, “Here’s the truth: 1) I learned my script very well so that I won’t cause any problem for my co-stars. 2) My co-stars and I are working happily together. 3) I didn’t demand for numerous touch-ups during filming. 
4) When members of the media followed me around, I asked them politely to stop following me so that I could get ready for various things and they could go home early. 5) Being prepared is part of being a professional. 6) 38 years old is just a number. Look doesn’t matter because health is much more important.”
In an interview with Wenweipo News later on at the Earth Hour 2015 event, Kay stated that she and Luk Wing have no conflict whatsoever.
“The two of us have known each other for many years. Although it’s my first TVB series, I have worked in films before. I am not a novice in acting. In short, we all got along very well,” she said.
She also took to Weibo and posted a selfie with Luk Wing to prove their good relationship.
(Photo source: Kay Tse’s Weibo)