Justin Bieber is being sued by his former neighbours whose house was allegedly egged by him and his friends.

According to TMZ, Jeff Schwartz has filed a lawsuit against Bieber stating that he and his wife suffered from emotional distress after being called as “little jew boy” by Bieber’s bodyguard.
Schwartz said that the only thing he did was to approach Bieber and to tell him to stop speeding around the neighbourhood with his Ferrari, but was instead insulted by his bodyguard.
He added that Bieber terrorised the neighbourhood with loud music and drag races, and accused that the singer spat on him, which was an act denied by the singer.
The 21-year-old teenage pop singer pleaded no contest against the vandalism after the incident but was charged USD80,000 for the damages he made. 
Damages caused by Bieber and his friends.
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The judge had previously ordered Bieber to attend 12 anger management classes and complete six days of community labour.

“I was really nervous because I’m just, I was afraid of what people are thinking about me right now,” Bieber confessed.

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