Witnessing the success of good friend and fellow EEG artiste Charlene Choi with her movie, “Sara”, has given Joey Yeung the encouragement to search for her own breakthrough role.

According to Oriental Daily News, speaking to the media at a press conference for a cosmetic brand recently, the Hong Kong diva stated, “I am happy for Charlene. I saw it [Charlene’s Special Mention Award in Osaka] in the papers and the boss (Albert Yeung) told me about it too.”

“I wish her success this year in winning all Best Actress awards there is. This year has to be the year of Charlene Choi,” said Joey.
When asked if she would seek to try and perform such a role in the future, Joey said, “If there is a good script and great co-stars, of course I would. Earlier, when I met Simon Yam at the after-party, he said, “The next one would be you”.”
As to the role she wishes to play, Joey said, “It doesn’t have to be about child prostitution. It can be another genre as well, like a horror or a thriller movie.”
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