Angry with a rude joke made by a Netizen about her mother’s accident, Jinny Ng surprised many when she recently spewed profanity online.

According to Mingpao News, following her mother’s bike accident on 28 March, a Netizen by the name of Chris left a message on her Facebook account, saying, “Aunty probably loved the ending of the drama series so much that she went to film the sequel herself.”

Enraged by the insensitive comment, Jinny took a screen cap of the user’s Facebook profile and posted it online, saying, “I don’t care if you personally attacked me, but I don’t think you have the right to joke about my mother! [expletive]!”
She later added another post and said, “I should not have called you a [expletive]. I should have said ‘drop dead’!”
Jinny also expressed her dissatisfaction when the user deleted the comment, and demanded him to apologise instead.
The post had since received more than 61,000 thousand Likes, with friends and fans alike supporting her action.
(Photo source: facebook.com)