Wealthy Japanese heiress Kageyama Yuki was revealed to have made a multi-million sponsorship for JJ Lin’s upcoming concert.

As reported on Tencent Entertainment, the heiress, who was notorious for being Jam Hsiao’s alleged stalker, reportedly has invested more than HKD5 million (approximately USD644,759) for the Singaporean singer-songwriter’s TIMELINE World Tour.

However, Yuki denied that she did so to spite Jam Hsiao. Yuki, who was known to have sponsored Jam’s shows before, stated that she has always been a fan of JJ and that the investment has nothing to do with her current dispute with Jam.
She also announced that there is a chance that the sponsorship will be increased to HKD8 million.
However, since Jam and JJ are both under the same record label, many questioned Warner Music’s position in the matter, especially since the former is currently in a legal battle with Yuki.
To this, Warner’s representative stated that all things related to overseas tour are handed over to the concert organisers in the selected locations, and therefore, Yuki’s sponsorship has nothing to do with the company and its stance in regard to Jam’s case.
(Photo source: gamemusiccity.com)