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Spending time with his son during the Lunar New Year season might have been an awkward experience for Jackie Chan, who has always been on the go. 

However, the action star admitted that it was a warm experience as well, according to On CC News.

Jackie, who returned home in Taiwan in late February for a delayed Lunar New Year reunion with wife Joan Lin and the recently discharged Jaycee Chan, recently shared their moments together for the first time.
“We didn’t have much to say during dinner, but it also felt very warm,” he admitted. “It has been a long time since we did this.”
Jackie said that despite the awkwardness, he did ask Jaycee, who was detained for six months for drugs offences previously, about his imprisonment.
“He told me he spent time with several people and that the place was very cold. But he didn’t hold any grudges,” said Jackie, who eventually spent the whole night talking to his son till the early morning.
He added, “Jaycee even said, “Dad, I am more experienced than you now. In the future, if anything happens, you can come to me”.”  
As for the changes in his son, Jackie said that he has yet to get used to Jaycee’s transformation, but joked that his son should go back to prison every year for six months, seeing how it has changed him into a better person.
Previously, Jaycee shared a photo of his father cutting his hair, and wrote, “From the heart” – signifying their reunion.
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