“Usually I would dress like a housewife,” said Isabella Leong, as she walked down the red carpet at the opening of the 39th Hong Kong International Film Festival on 23 March, Mingpao News reported.

The actress, who is also promoting her comeback film, “Murmurs of the Heart”, which was selected as the opening film of the festival, looked stunning in a sheer lace gown with plunging neckline that she jokingly said to have already undergone safety measure to avoid wardrobe malfunction.

Speaking to the media about her current activity, Isabella stated that she has recently set up her own office, though it would only be for managing her work as an actress and not for film investments.
When asked why she would not be investing in films, Isabella replied, “I don’t know much about the business.”
The actress is currently looking for new roles to play, and added that she hopes to play more upbeat characters or star in a musical film, as her recent roles have been quite dark and sombre.
As for her love life, Isabella said that she has no need to find a new suitor for the time being as her children have already brought joy to her life.
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