While there have been talks about Cecilia Cheung’s attitude at the set of “Investiture of the Gods”, which prompted China Star Entertainment boss Charles Heung to sack her and caused a big scandal last week, co-star Huang Xiaoming stated that he had no idea about all the allegations thrown her way.

As reported on On CC News, previously, Tiffany Chen, former manager of Cecilia and wife of the China Star founder, stated that the actress had been acting out due to the fact that she was neglected by the crew, who prioritised her co-stars Huang Xiaoming and Louis Koo.

Cecilia reportedly ranted to the producers about it, and criticised the production for giving filming priority to Huang Xiaoming who is much more popular than she is.
However, when asked about it, Huang replied via text message that he has no idea about Cecilia’s rants.
“I don’t know anything about it. We kept laughing throughout filming,” he said.
Meanwhile, veteran actress Cheng Peipei, who has worked with the actress and criticised her attitude previously, only stated, “Everybody has a temper, but she doesn’t seem like that kind of person. But I have no comment this time around.”
(Photo source: jpopasia.com)