The latest version of the Monopoly board game ‘Monopoly Here and Now: World Edition’ is launched for its 80th anniversary, and Hong Kong has been chosen to be one of the cities on the board!

In conjunction with the celebration, Hasbro had previously allowed people from around the globe to vote for their favourite cities and based on the final votes, it seems that for Asia, Hong Kong has earned a spot on the Monopoly’s 80th anniversary board game, occupying the most expensive dark blue section of the board.

However according to Coconuts Hong Kong, Lima, the capital of Peru topped the poll and will be placed right next to Hong Kong on the space held by Mayfair in the classic edition of Monopoly.

Two more Asian cities had made the slots from the 22 available properties on the board game as well. Tokyo will take over an orange property slot and Taipei will take over a light blue property slot.

In addition, Latvia’s capital, Riga, Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, and the Turkish city of Istanbul have also earned themselves slots as they have been voted in third, fourth and fifth place respectively.

Since the official results have now been announced, therefore all there’s left is the launching date of the latest updated edition of the Monopoly board game.

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