Girls, girls, girls, they love me~
The lyrics to GOT7’s debut single “Girls Girls Girls” can’t be truer; the girls sure love these seven boys, as evident by the almost non-stop screaming during their recent fan meeting in Kuala Lumpur.

The multinational idol group, formed under South Korea’s JYP Entertainment, held their first fan meeting in Malaysia on 21 March 2015 at KL LIVE, Life Centre. About 1,500 fans were in attendance, though don’t be mistaken, not all were fangirls as there were also a bunch of testosterone-filled fanboys in that crowd.

The event was attended not only by fans from all over Malaysia, some even flew in all the way from Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand just to catch the boys live in action! That’s how much their I GOT7 (that’s what their fans are officially called) love them.
From left: Bam Bam, Mark and Jr.
From left: Yugyeom, Jackson, JB and Youngjae.
JB, Mark, Jr., Jackson, Youngjae, Bambam and Yugyeom entertained the (screaming) crowd with some of their hits, including “Stop, Stop, Stop”, “Give Me”, “Forever Young” and “Girls Girls Girls”. Malaysian I GOT7’s were doubly excited when they performed “A”, as the music video to the song was filmed in Malaysia itself last year.
Other than singing and dancing, the boys also played a guess-what’s-in-the-box game, took photos with lucky draw winners and accepted the challenge to do the Zapin dance, which they took up with no hesitation.
GOT7 playing What’s In the Box.
Bam Bam modelling the Nyonya slippers he got in the box.
GOT7 members had no problem communicating with their fans since two of them, American-born Mark Tuan and Hong Kong-born Jackson Wang, speak fluent English and act as the others’ personal translators. Jackson, who also speaks Cantonese, demonstrates it much to his fans’ delight via playful banter with host, Malaysian YouTube personality and DJ, Jinnyboy.
Jackson and his birthday cake.
The highlight of the event came towards the end of the fan meeting, when fans surprised Jackson with a week early birthday celebration. The boys posed with the cake after allowing the beaming birthday boy to make a wish.
The group has only debuted in January last year, but they have accumulated enviable success. Before saying goodbye to their fans, the ever-talkative Jackson thanked their fans and promised that they will definitely return for a proper concert one day.